Sunday, June 22, 2014

It sure has been a while...

First, I am very excited to see all of you corresponding through this site - I know when I first started this blog, there was and still is very little information out there.

Here's an update:

When I first started this blog, I wanted to use it to document the experience of taking these weevils not just for myself, but to include my observations of my family experiences as well.  I never really was a "blogger" so to speak; and keeping up with it for as long as I did was pretty amazing lol.  I started this conversation to keep myself accountable and active in the process.  After the first cycle of taking the Weevils, I got an offer to move to the east coast.  I made the decision to stop taking them on the account that I didn't want the added stress of keeping the Weevils alive while I was in transition.  My father and I drove across country and it was a wonderful experience - however I never went back to taking the Weevils to this day.  As you can see I haven't posted in this blog either!!  I know there are emails that should have come to me but I disabled the notifications and if you could only see the surprise when I logged in - well it certainly was humbling!  I had to write something right away so forgive me if I am not up to date on the messages :-)

Don't get me wrong; If the circumstances presented themselves I'd do it again.  To be completely honest, I just haven't made the effort.  Life happened and at the present moment I have good doctors and I am trying to eat as little processed foods as I can. I have chosen a paleo/primal way of eating because good health is my focus.  I still have a long way to go - and I have grown to not be upset with myself if I fall off the wagon before I am up to speed.  We all had training wheels before we could ride the bike.  I guess I am mentioning this because whether we take the Weevils to manage our pain, or to take vitamins to supplement the nutrients our bodies need; the real change comes when we take the action to not go back to those old habits that keep us from growing and getting better and healthier.

As I mentioned earlier I will catch up on all your postings and I will keep this blog active so you all can continue to use this as a community place to trade info, stories, etc.  For now, I want to thank you again for being helpful to those who are looking for answers.

Peace and Love,


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 38

I wanted to share the new news I heard today.  My grandmother has been diabetic her whole life.  She has had 2 heart attacks and she is pretty much taking a shot of insulin every time she eats.  There was a time after her first heart attack she was really good about her food intake and was exercising regularly and she had her diabetes under control.  They almost took her off insulin shots completely and she was doing really well.  As time wore on she reverted back to her old way of life as far as not exercising and eating unhealthy foods and before we knew it she had ulcers growing in her feet and it went as far as her having one of her toes removed.  She's had issues as of recently with circulation and has had stints put in her legs to help the blood flow.  She is currently on this treatment - and as of last weekend when my other grandparents came to visit, she still was eating the things diabetics should stay away from.  So I can honestly say that she is not watching her food intake and is not properly exercising like she was several years ago when she first had her initial heart attack.

Grandma went to the Dr.'s office yesterday to do her usual diabetes check up.  Her blood sugar is usually at 7.0 (A1C). As of yesterday, her blood sugar is 6.6.  A normal blood sugar is between 4 and 6.  (I Google'd this information, and it really varies.  My grandmothers Dr. advised that if she gets to a 6% or lower, her diabetes could possibly cease). She is still off the marker for normal, but with a 4 tenths point reduction in her blood sugar levels; it's definitely a huge drop considering her consistency of her 7.0 blood sugar level over the years.  The only thing different she has been doing is taking the Weevils.  The other side effects she's experiencing are more energy, clear head (thinking clearer), better sleep and not groggy.

I myself am still taking these Weevils, I'm currently on day 38 and my tumors continue to get smaller.  My sleep pattern is pretty solid at this point - becoming tired and ready for bed by 9-9:30 PM and waking refreshed at 5AM.  I find that even when I fight my urge to sleep and go to bed late (for example, on the weekends) I am still waking early and feeling pretty good.  I would like to add that everyone is different.  My father is on the same day that I am (day 38) and while normally he is on 2 kinds of blood pressure medication; he is currently not taking any medication.  The Weevil treatment has regulated his blood pressure to normal levels.  My father checks his blood pressure daily and has been normal now for approximately 2 weeks.  Of course it's not advised you go off any doctor prescribed medicines; my father chose to stop taking them and so far he has been fine.  In any-case I am excited to share these stories with you and hope it continues to inspire or answer any questions you may have!!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

I found some interesting information today...

Today is day 25......I had this wild itch to see if I could find anything on Wikipedia - when I put in "Peanut Weevil" (that's what I told it was) no hits came up.  Then I decided to just Google Weevil and of course it did come up! After clicking on a few pages, I found this website that did a really good job of explaining what they are - and the correct term is "the confused beetle" which I found a bit amusing :)  here's the link:  Here is the info in a nutshell:

Confused Flour Beetle and Red Flour Beetle

Confused Flour Beetle

confused flour beetle

The confused flour beetle and the red flour beetle are very similar in appearance and can be most easily distinguished by examining the antennae:
the antennae of the red flour beetle end abruptly in a three-segmented club, while the confused flour beetle's antennae gradually enlarge towards the tip, ending in a four-segmented club.
The red flour beetle is primarily a pest in southern states. The adults are strong fliers
The confused flour beetle is primarily a pest in northern states. The adults do not fly.
Adult beetles of these two species have shiny, reddish brown bodies that are about 1/7 inch long, flattened, and oval.
The small size of the confused flour beetle enables it to work its way inside many sealed containers.
These beetles have a very wide food range including cereals, grains, spices, grain products, shelled nuts, dried fruit, chocolate, drugs, peas, beans and other similar materials. The biologies of these two species are very similar; their average life span is about 1 year, but some have been known to live almost 4 years.
The females lay their small, white eggs loosely in flour or other food material.
The eggs, which are coated with a sticky secretion, become covered with flour or meal and readily adhere to the sides of sacks, boxes, and other containers.
They hatch into small worm-like larvae that are slender, cylindrical in appearance. When fully grown, the larva is3/16 inch long and white, tinged with yellow.
At this stage, it transforms into a small pupa. At first white, the pupa gradually changes to yellow and then brown, and shortly afterward transforms into a beetle.
In summer, the period from egg to adult averages about 6 weeks.

Now the red flour beetle flies - so we know that these are the confused flour beetle!  

Saturday, August 6, 2011

I can't believe how dependent on technology we are...

Today is day 24.  I have been MIA (missing in action) because my laptop decided to not function properly - hence I have been MIA!  So to continue my observation of taking these Weevils.  I would like to share that I have an aunt who is taking them who lives in southern California and she suffers from mild strokes or some kind of seizure type illness (I know I will need to get the specifics so I can share exactly with you).  Anyway she can tell when she is about to have an episode and more often than not she ends up in the hospital for a few days and then goes back home.  Evidently she was starting to experience the symptoms she usually gets when an episode begins, but the episode never fully hit her.  She didn't have to go to the hospital and she feels just fine.  I believe she is on day 35 or it the Weevils?  I am not sure but you can bet that the only real change that has occurred in her daily routine is her taking the Weevils.

So how am I doing?  Well, as I have mentioned before I had a really bad schedule as far as sleep goes, and I am on a tremendous schedule now.  I would say by 9:30-10:00 I can barely keep my eyes open!  My alarm goes off at 5AM and sometimes I beat it to the punch.  I work early anyway - I have a 7-4 day so my sleeping schedule is pretty relevant - I can honestly say that without this new schedule I seem to be naturally experiencing, I'd probably not be a successful employee - honestly - I'd be late and groggy and what not.  Now, when I am at work, I can tell I am sharp and quick and my mind is just soaking everything up, processing it and delivering the information like I've never experienced before.  I also would like to give you an update on my calcium deposits.  I had one in particular on my upper right arm that was shrinking at an unbelievable speed.  It seemed like every couple of days I would feel it and it was getting smaller - to the point where some people I know who didn't know I was taking these Weevils noticed a significant difference in the size just by looking at my arm.  I have noticed in the last week that the shrinking continues, but at a slower rate, and my other two calcium deposits are starting their process of shrinking.  I couldn't understand why the calcium deposit in my upper right arm was shrinking and the other two were unaffected.  This week, the one in my right forearm is definitely getting smaller and the larger one in my upper left arm is starting to change shape.  I would like to take the time to stress that the last 2 calcium deposits I just shared with you I have had since I was a child and they have never changed size, shape, anything - so just like the rest of my body, I know them REALLY well.  I am simply beside myself.

I also recently found out that there is a HUGE black market of Weevils in terms of people selling them.  THIS IS UNETHICAL.  You have no idea if the Weevils are clean, carry diseases, or if it's even the right kind, etc.  I am not an expert by any means, but I know from the care that my mother gives to her Weevils this type of treatment is COMPLETELY INTENDED TO BE GIVEN FOR FREE.  If you see people selling the Weevils, please do not purchase them.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Don't take these things at night.....

First, I usually take these bugs in the morning right after my breakfast - but today I managed to wait to take my 19 bugs really late.  Like 10PM late.  Right now, I feel like caffeine is racing through my veins and I can feel it in my head and chest and arms.  I had coffee today but my last cup I finished around noon or 1PM?  So the effects of the caffeine from coffee were looooong gone.  I don't usually notice this influx of adrenaline....possibly it's a compound of things?  For example:  I start a new job on Monday.  Could this adrenaline be from sub conscious anxiety I may feel about starting this job?  What about it just being a direct effect of these bugs?  Could the combo of the caffeine and the bugs fuel a recipe for over stimulation?  I have no idea and I don't know how to determine the theories.  My mind is racing right now - not on anything particular but I just plain feel like I could run a marathon at the moment.  On a side note:  The calcium deposit I have been reporting to you about is now approximately 65% smaller.  I am so excited about this I can't even begin to tell you.  Well I am going to try to get some sleep - It's pretty late. 

Monday, July 25, 2011

A fair observation

I haven't posted additional blogs because to be honest things have been hectic.  Since my last post I was on day 9 and today is day 16.  The obvious difference is I feel like I am very alert.  My mind seemed to be groggy before and I could feel it - like not wanting to get up in the morning, or not wanting to do my house chores, etc. Now, I feel like I just do what needs to be done without thinking about it.  Another observation:  I have a calcium deposit that was growing on my upper right arm - it seems to have gone down about 25%.  It was so big that it was actually noticeable to friends and family and it caused discoloration in my skin where it was protruding.  Today, I was feeling it and it is indescribably smaller.  It does not protrude out anymore - you can still see the discoloration in my skin and it is still there - just smaller.  I have several calcium deposits that have been in my body my whole life and have never shrank.  This one seems to be doing just that so I'll keep you posted on it.  I feel focused.  Before, I had so many things I wanted to do at once and never got anything done, but now without even thinking about it - I am getting things done one by one.  I have been sleeping better!  I used to be an insomniac but it seems that my body tells me to go to sleep around 11pm and I wake at 7:30 feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.  I will continue to document my progress with you all!  

Here is a website I found that is in Spanish.  I am translating below some information exerpted from the website:


What does the insect do?
When the insect dies in the body it releases "Coleotoxina" a toxin that is directly related to the elimination of pain, it also provides protein, a complex chain of amino acids, and some other items that are under consideration.
Basically Coleotoxina people call "crotoxina" in the wrong way, is what has this amazing ability to stimulate the immune system. and it is this generation that by making defenses look the same organism recovery.
Beware : this has no scientific basis

Are there any diseases that cant benefit from this treatment? 
As so far no health facility is taking control according to protocol, know if there are cases where it is not advised NOT EAT, the insect.

We have a testimony of a Mrs. who discovered cancer while pregnant, has consumed insects and conventional treatment that your physician told the boy was born normal, and she was cured completely.
Note that you must trust your doctor. If you have doubt or fear, just what we recommend is that you listen to your trusted physician.
If you are not well served or there is any doubt, use the search query to another doctor.
Remember, doctors studied medicine, talk to them, ask him to explain alternative methods, and when in doubt, you know, simple, refer to another.

In what diseases it can be used?
We know it is used generally in all types of infectious or viral sicknesses that has a dependency of the immune system. We have been informed and have the testimony of a husband who also did the treatment with his wife during her cancer treatment and in 140 days he had removed the stones from his kidney; he has the biochemical and CT that prove it.  He lives in Cordova and all the documentation presented to the "Foundation for Urology" in Cordova.

So, consider the insect as a natural antibiotic that has virtually no side effects.
But be careful, always under medical supervision.

This information was gathered on the following website:

There is a lot more information that I intend to translate as I progress through this treatment!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fumigation Kills.

Well, my mother had given my aunt a starter farm and at first, they were doing fine - she had new babies and everything was ok until they started dying....what was going on??? Well a few weeks ago she had her house fumigated - so if this is something you have done, it will probrably kill yours too.